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This electronic twilight switch for mains connection automatically switches lamps (e.g. energy-saving lamps) or other consumers on at dusk and off again at dawn via a built-in relay.
The module can also work in reverse: on at dawn (for advertising displays, fountains, etc.) and off at dusk.

Technical data

Operating voltage 210 - 240 V/AC
Current consumption < 40 mA
Switching contact (potential-free) 1x by max. 3a (resistive load), 1x by max. 1a (inductive load)
Switch-on brightness approx. 10 lux ± 50%
Switch-off brightness approx. 60 lux ± 50%
Response delay approx. 30 sec. ± 50%
Temperature range approx. -15°c to +40°C
Dimensions approx. 70 x 60 x 23 mm (without mounting brackets)

Bedienungsanleitung_M013N.pdf Download
Manufacturer: Kemo Electonic
Operating voltage: 220 - 240 V
Temperature range: -15°C ... 40°C Reviews with
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