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Welcome to the green energy world of Longi. With the mission of "Harnessing the sun's rays to create a green energy world", LONGi upholds its brand image of "robust and reliable, leading in technology". From innovative solar modules to comprehensive renewable energy solutions, Longi offers pioneering technologies to make the world cleaner and more sustainable.

Longi solar modules

Longi uses state-of-the-art monocrystalline cells based on HPBC (High Performance Bifacial Cell) cell technology for its solar modules. HPBC cell technology is characterised by its full-back welding technology, which increases resistance to microcracks and thus optimises the longevity of the solar modules. With the Hybrid Passivated Back Contact, or HPBC for short, Longi is not only setting new standards in terms of design. Compared to conventional PERC modules, the efficiency here is up to 1% higher; the cell efficiency is even over 25.3%.

Longi uses this advanced technology not only to increase the performance of its solar modules, but also to promote environmentally friendly and sustainable energy systems. This approach emphasises Longi's commitment to excellence and efficiency in photovoltaics.

Hi-MO 6 Series

With the Hi-MO 6 series from Longi, improvements have been made in the areas of performance, reliability, appearance and optimisation function compared to the previous series. In terms of the appearance of the solar module, the Hi-MO 6 series simplifies the complexity and redefines the aesthetic concept of photovoltaic modules.


Longi uses multi-busbar technology, in which each solar module is equipped with integrated busbars. These are busbars that are permanently printed on each solar cell. They collect the direct current generated and feed it to the busbars. By using more of these busbars, Longi reduces shading, shortens the transport distances and reduces the resistance in the modules.


  1. Who is Longi? Longi Green Energy Technology is a Chinese company that was founded in 2000 and specialises in the development and manufacture of photovoltaic systems.
  2. What makes Longi unique? Longi is characterised by its consistent focus on innovation, efficiency and sustainability. The products offer outstanding performance and help to reduce dependence on conventional energy sources.
  3. What are the benefits of Longi Solar products? Longi's solar modules offer outstanding performance and help to reduce dependence on conventional energy sources. In addition to their efficiency and durability, the company places great emphasis on environmental compatibility and sustainability in the production of its solar modules. This emphasises Longi's commitment to environmentally friendly energy production.
  4. How good are solar modules from Longi? Longi's solar modules are among the highest quality on the market and are known for their high efficiency and durability. The company continuously invests in research and development to improve its products and meet the needs of its customers. The quality of LONGi's modules has received excellent ratings from the independent organisations RETC and PVEL.
  5. Does Longi offer a product guarantee? Longi is very confident in the quality of its products, so it offers a generous manufacturer's product guarantee of 15 years on materials and workmanship.