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The Victron Phoenix 48/1200VE.Direct (mpn pin482120200) is a small sine wave inverter with 1200w continuous power. The unit converts 48v DC from your battery to 230v ac AC with a pure sine wave voltage and uncompromising power quality that is ideal for sensitive electronic products

trend-setting efficiency and modern system communication

The efficiency of the Phoenix is outstanding and one of the highest in its class thanks to the ECO mode. using the VE.Direct communication port with optional accessories, you can connect the device to a computer or smartphone and program some system parameters such as the switch-off voltage and switch-on voltage when the battery is empty completely freely! Many other configuration options such as output frequency and output voltage as well as a 2-pole alarm contact are among the features of this voltage converter

The performance range of the Phoenix series VE.Direct 48/1200 is unique on the market at the moment for the price and goes far beyond the capabilities of other devices in the same performance classes.

technical features of the Phoenix 48/1200 VE.Direct

  • 1000 watts continuous power at 230v 50Hz sine wave voltage
  • 1200 watts continuous power at non-linear load
  • full control over almost all system parameters
  • suitable for all common batteries with 48v battery voltage
  • 230v ac power with pure sine wave provides perfect power quality
  • free programmable on and off thresholds
  • freely adjustable output voltage in the range of 210 - 245V

technical highlights of the Phoenix VE.Direct series 250va - 1200VA

  • VE.Direct connection allows you to connect the power converter to a computer (VE.Direct to USB interface cable required) or to your smartphone where you can always keep an eye on the status of your device with the free Victron app (VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle required).
  • Fully programmable parameters: Thresholds to trigger and reset low battery alarms + Thresholds to turn off and restart at low battery voltage levels + Output voltage 210 - 245V + Thresholds to turn off and restart at low battery voltage levels + Frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz + Threshold for ECO mode on/off and ECO mode sensor
  • ECO mode integrated: In ECO mode, the inverter switches to standby as soon as the load drops below a preset value. In standby mode, the inverter then switches on for a short period of time (adjustable default setting: every 2.5 seconds). if the load exceeds a preset threshold, the inverter remains switched on

Proven reliability of the current inverter: Full bypassing in addition with a ring transformer topology has been proven for years. The inverters are short-circuit proof and protected against overheating (whether caused by overload or ambient temperature)

High inrush power: This is needed to switch on loads such as voltage converters for LED lamps, halogen lamps or power tools
Remote on/off switching possible: a remote on/off switch can be connected with a two-pole plug or between the positive pole of the battery and the left contact of the two-pole plug

Scope of delivery:
1x Victron pin482120200 Phoenix 48/1200 48v to 230v 1000w 50Hz 60Hz

Victron_Phoenix_VEdirect_Wandler_Broschuere.pdf Download
12-800_PIN121800200_Anleitung.pdf Download
Manufacturer: Victron Energy
Product Type: Sine wave inverter 12V / 230V with VE.Direct output
Warranty: 5 years manufacturer's warranty 2
Weight: 7 kg Reviews with
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