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The voltage measurement relais monitors the direct current at binding post A1 and A2.

Protection from deep discharge and overload  for AGM, GEL and lead acid batteries.

The relais starts working when the measured voltage sinks under a pre-defined value V< (battery is discharged) and the programmed deceleration time of 0-10min has run out. This is displayed by a yellow led warning light.
The relais switches back to stand-by mode when the monitored voltage exceeds the pre-defined value V> (end-of-charge voltage)

Supply voltage: 20 - 31V DC
Power consumption: 0,8 Watt
Operation mode: continuous mode
Measurement accuracy: 2% over temperature and voltage range
Repeating accuracy: +/-2%

Measurement range:
Undervoltage: 21 - 25V
Overvoltage: 26 - 30V
Hysteresis: 1V

Number of changers: 1
Contact material: AgSnO2
max. switching voltage: 250V AC
max. switching current: 8A
max. switching power: 2000VA
max. switch-on current: 30A

Spannungsueberwachung_Anleitung.pdf Download
Ambient temperature: 0...+60°C
Certification: Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC
Connection terminal: Plus-Minus-Screws (2,5mm²)
Contact material: AgSnO2
Manufacturer: Westech
Measuring range: Undervoltage: 21-25V
Own consumption: 0,8W
Pollution level: 2 (250V)
Product Type: Battery monitor
Repeatability: ± 2%
Response time: 0...10 minutes
System voltage: 24V DC
View: LED, green: supply voltage
Weight: 77 g Reviews with
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