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The mTriple s solarasystems offer the ideal power supply for your motorhome or camper. The combination of the VBCs Triple from Votronic and the sPR solar module from Offgridtec provides a reliable power supply and optimum yields. The permanent supply is ensured in three different ways. Charging from the mains while stationary, while driving with the help of the charge booster, and the combination of solar module and MPPT charge controller in sunshine. The compact combination of the VBCs and the highly efficient solar module is ideal when installation space is limited. The system is not only suitable for self-sufficient standing and with the framed solar panel also predestined for use on expedition vehicles.

Features of the mTriple s

  • Average daily yield of 480Wh resp. 960Wh (March - October)
  • Permanent power supply with 3 charging options
  • Device combination of mains charger, charge booster and solar controller
  • Suitable for all common battery types (lead-acid, agm, gel, lithium)
  • Durable framed solar module - ideal for motorhome & camper installation
  • With LCD display for monitoring system parameters
  • Mounting hardware and cable package included
  • All components perfectly matched
  • quick and easy installation according to plug & play principle

The mTriple s solaranlage contains:

The electronics core - the Votronic VBCs Triple device combination

The VBCs Triple ensures your permanent power supply in three ways. With the Pb mains charger with 20a you can charge your battery efficiently in standby mode from the mains. The VCC charge converter with 30a allows you to charge your on-board battery while driving. The third option offers the charging with solar energy using the MPP solar regulator for max.250Wp.The supplied temperature sensor ensures the optimal charging of your batteries.

  • Pb mains charger:The powerful charging of the on-board battery and supply 12V consumers from the mains. The full charging power in the universal range of 110v/ac-230v/ac without switching is available worldwide even with large deviations of the mains supply (under/over voltage, sinusoidal shape, frequency). Thanks to the long-term charging characteristics, the device can be constantly connected to the mains (operational, winter break)
  • VCC charge converter:The powerful charge booster allows full charging of the on-board battery while driving. It increases/decreases the voltage to the required level so that the on-board battery can be charged with the optimal charging characteristic. It fully compensates for line losses and strong voltage fluctuations of the alternator, which are common in Euro 6 vehicles. The supplied 12V consumers are protected against overvoltage and voltage fluctuations.
  • MPP solar regulator:The MPP charge controller ensures a charge current gain of 10-30%, shorter charging times and the best possible power utilization of your solaranlage. The MPP technology automatically determines the maximum power output of the connected solar modules several times per second.

The complete system also includes either the Charge Control s Display or the vpc Jupiter 100 combination panel from Votronic. Both displays can be used to reliably display, monitor and control the current output of the solaransystem. The Jupiter panel additionally offers the possibilities of a battery computer and water management.

Highly efficient solar supply - the Offgridtec sPR 120w solar module

The monocrystalline 120w sPR is a high efficiency solar panel with back contacted high performance cells delivers a very high efficiency of almost 21% . The solar panel delivers a very good energy yield, even in low light conditions and is lighter and smaller than other mono modules with the same power output. The back-contact process, where only the pure cells are visible on the front side and the black aluminum frame also provide a noble appearance and are ideal for motor homes and campers.

  • Power (Pmax): 120wp
  • voltage (Vmp): 23,35V
  • max. current (Imp): 6,05A
  • Short circuit current (Isc): 6,41A
  • max. system voltage: 600V/DC
  • Weight: 6,5 kg
  • Dimensions: 540 x 1055 x 35 mm

Optimal cabling - Manufactured in the Offgridtec cable manufactory

The mTriple solarasystem is supplied, in line with the plug & play principle, with all the connecting cables required for commissioning the system. The cables are all manufactured in our own cable factory and have an optimal connection quality. The 8m long connection cable from module to charge controller allows a flexible installation, depending on the conditions on site. The battery cables have an integrated MIDI fuse holder to protect the charge controller and the technology behind it in the event of a short circuit or overcurrent. The appropriate fuses for the system are also included.

Mounting material included

The complete system is delivered with all mounting material needed to mount it on your vehicle. The Dekalin adhesive set for bonding the solar modules to the vehicle roof contains, in addition to the white power adhesive, cleaning cloths, a wool wiper and the Dekavator bonding agent. The Offgridtec roof bushing is used to create the connection between the solar module on the roof and the charge controller inside the vehicle. The version with two solar modules also contains a pair of junction boxes for parallel connection of the two modules.

Individual adaptations

As with all our complete systems, individual adaptations are possible. contact us! Please ask our customer service for possible costs.

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Wir bieten hierzu Sickenfüller an, die zwischen Dach und Solarmodul eingeklebt werden und so den Hohlraum ausfüllen. Die Höhe der Sickenfüller beträgt 5mm.
Eine weitere Möglichkeit wäre die enthaltenen Solarmodule z.B. gegen unsere ETFE-AL Serie auszutauschen.
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