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MPP solar charge controller for high-quality caravans, boats,...

For solar modules with

  • up to 430Wp output
  • max. 26A module amperage
  • max. 50V module voltage

Charging possibilities: 1 supply and 1 starter battery

Votronic MPP-series charge controllers with IUoU2 charging curve are used as link between solar panels and batteries.

Several times within an hour the MPP-tracker evaluates the solar modules' maximum power point. Afterwards it transforms the module's voltage surplus to a higher charging current for the battery (via high-frequency switching-technology). The additional power allows shorter charging periods and a more economical use of your solar system.
MPP charge controllers work full-automatically, are maintenance-free and come with the following features:

  • Increased charging current of 10 - 30% compared to common charge controllers thanks to latest technology (microprocessing)
  • Adjustable charging curves for lead-acid, gel, AGM and LiFePO4 batteries
  • The charging voltage is spike-free and adjusted in a way that battery overloads are impossible
  • Two battery charging outputs: auto-charging of supply battery and starter battery
  • Surveillance-free charging: protection from overloading, overheating, reverse polarity and back discharge
  • Parallel-/Buffer operation: keeps correct charging curves even when consumers are supplied at the same time
  • Overload protection: reduces charging current at full battery charge or excessive solar output; compensates consumption through immediate recharging to keep the highest possible charging level
  • IUoU2 chargin curve: defined charging voltage increase prevents sulfation and balances the single battery cells, automatic trickle charge afterwards(U2)
  • "Charging cable compensation": cabling-related voltage loss is balanced
  • Mains-surpression-filter: problem-free operation together with wind or fuel generators, grid-connected chargers, actuators,...
  • Connectable to external battery temperature sensor: automatical adjustment of charging voltage to battery temperature; ensures full charging of the weaker battery during cooler periods, during warm periods unnecessary gas development is avoided - increase battery life-span. Absolutely recommended when the battery is exposed to big temperature fluctuations (e.g. engine bay).
  • Plug&play connectivity with Votronic solar display devices for ideal monitoring of the system, environmental conditions,...
  • Humidity mustn't exceed 95% (NC)

Delivery scope:
1x Charge controller MPP 420 (Votronic 13039
1x Manual

Ambient temperature: -20°C - +45°C
Battery type adjustable: Acid, Gel AGM
Certification: CE compliant
Charge controller type: Dual-MPPT
Charging characteristic: IU1oU2
Charging timer: 2-fold
Connection options: LCD Solar Computer S
Manufacturer: Votronic
Number of charging outputs: 2
On-board power supply filter: yes
Own consumption in standby: 6,5mA
Pre-charge current: max. 5A (deepest discharged battery:
Product Type: Charge controller
Protection type: IP21
Protective functions: Reverse current lock (night), overload, overheating, charging, reverse polarity
Scope of application: indoor area
Solar module voltage (max.): 50 V/DC
Weight: 620 g
max. charging current: Battery1: 12A Battery2: 1A Reviews with
Können verschiedene Batterietypen angeschlossen werden, z.B. als Starterbatterie eine Blei-Säure und als Boardbatterie eine LiFePO4-Batterie?
Ja, dies ist problemlos möglich. Der zusätzliche Ladeausgang für die Starterbatterie dient rein als Erhaltungsladung mit max. 1A. Eine Vollladung ist damit nicht möglich. Die Batterieeinstellungen beziehen sich rein auf den Boardbatterie-Ausgang.
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