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Ideal to isolate or protect open parts of a cable. If heated this tube contracts and forms a closed isolation which protects the cable from external influences (water, UV-radiation, corrosion, etc.)

The tube comes in a handy box which allows you to unroll the needed length.

Simply cut the tube into the needed length and put it in the designated place. Now you heat up the tube until it encloses the cable completely and you see resin come out of its ends.
To heat up the tube you can use a heat gun or another suitable heat source.

Make sure you do not heat up a single spot for too long but evenly until the tube has shrinked to the needed size.

Color: blue
Size: 2,4mm to 1,2mm
Shrinking ratio: 2:1
Length: 10m

Diameter shrinked: 1,2mm
Diameter unshrunk: 2,4mm
Length: 10m
Manufacturer: Offgridtec
Product Type: Heat shrink tubing
Shrinkage ratio: 2:1 Reviews with
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