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This two-cored solar cable connects charge controller and solar modules within a system in a professional way.
On the module side it is equipped with original Multi-Contact MC4-plugs - the charge controller side with ferrules.
Most modules work with MC4-plugs. If not you'll find fitting adaptors in our shop.

All components are prepared with professional Tools. The cable is manufactured in our factory in Lower Bavaria.


  • suitable for 12V-systems
  • length: 15m
  • MC4-connectors
  • 6mm conductor diameter
  • double-isolated
  • resistant against: UV, ozone, weather, water
  • very flexible
Cable cross-section: 6mm²
Cable length: 15m
Connection options: Module side: MC4 connector / charge controller side: ferrules
Features: flexible
Manufacturer: Offgridtec
Material: Copper, tin-plated
Plug: MC4 PV-KBT4/6I
Product Type: Connecting cable Reviews with
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