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With this solar module carrier stand you can screw your module "standing" on a flat roof or any other surface with appropriate load-bearing capacity. In the base, the set consists of a stand with tiltable carrier axis. Also included are the module adapter strips of different lengths with which the module can be attached to the carrier. The included module adapters are suitable for solar modules in the power range of 5-30w. Due to the flexible tilt angle of the bracket, an optimal alignment of the solar module can be achieved.

The bracket itself is connected to the substrate through four drill holes. By default, dowels and screws are supplied by Offgridtec for mounting in reinforced concrete. However, you can also mount the carrier on wooden beams or stone walls with appropriate screws

A pair of m6 wing nuts with snap ring and washer + matching 16x6 hex nuts for screwing the module to the adapter bar are also included

Mounting instructions Please note that you may need to drill 2 holes in the frame of your solar module to be able to screw the module to the bracket. This depends entirely on the type of solar module and the holes drilled at the factory. If you need to drill into the frame, we definitely recommend using a depth stop when drilling to avoid damaging the back of the solar module

Scope of delivery:

  • - Module stand with inclinable axis for optimal module inclination
  • - Module adapter bar 22cm, 36,5cm, 41,5cm
  • - Galvanized wing nuts, snap rings and washers as well as 4 pcs. 6x16mm nuts for module fastening to the adapter bar
  • - 4 pcs 6x50mm screws + dowels for fixing in brick walls or reinforced concrete walls
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