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Offgridtec AGM solar batteries are explicitly designed for use in solar and hybrid systems. AGM technology is clearly superior to conventional lead-acid batteries with liquid electrolyte and offers the following advantages:

Advantages of using Offgridtec AGM technology

  • absolutely safe from leakage, no matter what position the battery is in
  • screwable M8 terminals instead of battery terminals (100% fixed)
  • 100% maintenance-free over the entire service life
  • Life expectancy up to 10 years (depending on usage pattern)
  • Highest quality level: Our batteries are all manufactured in A-quality from the best materials. This can best be seen in the weight of the batteries. Compare our products with those of other manufacturers!
  • can be discharged deeper than lead-acid batteries
  • mature technology, used in over 1000 Offgridtec solar systems
  • very cycle-resistant, therefore predestined for use in solar systems

AGM batteries are somewhat more expensive to purchase than lead-acid batteries, but this pays off after just a few years, as lead-acid systems are much more maintenance-intensive and short-lived than AGM-based storage solutions.

AGM is the first choice especially for smaller energy generation systems with a maximum storage capacity of 4-8KwH.

Technical data

Battery type: AGM Cycle type
Storage capacity 20HR(13A,1.75V): 260Ah
Storage capacity 10HR(25A,1.75V): 250 Ah
Storage capacity 5HR(42A,1.75V): 210 Ah
Storage capacity 1HR(155A,1.75V): 155 Ah
System voltage: 12V
Charge voltage cyclic use: 14.4V-14.9V
Charging voltage standby use: 13.6V-13.8V
Max. charging current: 50A
Self-discharge: max. 3% (per month)
Battery terminal type: M8 screw terminal (incl. screws)
Weight: 74 Kg
Dimensions: 520 x 268 x 220mm(+29mm terminal)
Life expectancy: up to 10 years (depending on usage pattern)

Battery Regulation

You are legally obliged to return batteries. You can return them after use to our sales outlet or to a local municipal collection point.

Important information according to Battery regulation

Ordinance on the return and disposal of used batteries. Batteries and rechargeable batteries do not belong in household waste. Consumers are legally obliged to return used batteries. They can be returned to or to public collection points in the community.

Pursuant to § 10 of the Battery Act, a deposit of 7.50 Euro including VAT must be charged by the seller if the end consumer does not have a used starter battery on hand at the time of purchase. If the seller does not charge a deposit because the used battery has been disposed of properly or has been exchanged for new, this amount is not deductible from the purchase Price.

Betriebsanleitung - Gebrauchsanweisung - Garantie - AGM + Gel Akku.pdf Download
Garantiebestimmung_Akkus.pdf Download
Offgridtec_Sicherheitsdatenblatt_AGM-GEL.pdf Download
Offgridtec_260Ah-AGM_Datenblatt.pdf Download
Offgridtec_Unbedenklichkeitsbescheinigung_AGM.pdf Download
Ambient temperature range discharged: -20....+40°C
Average service life: Up to 10 years
Capacity: 260Ah
Capacity 1hr: 155 Ah (155A,1.75V)
Capacity 5hr: 127,5 Ah (125,5A,1.75V)
Capacity 10hr: 250 Ah (25A,1.75V)
Capacity 20hr: 260Ah (13A,1,75V)
Charging voltage cyclic: 14,4V-15V (-30mV/ °C)
Charging voltage empty: 13,6V-13,8V (-20mV/ °C)
Features: Particularly cycle resistant
Load ambient temperature range: 0....40°C
Manufacturer: Offgridtec
Overload protection: yes
Safety heat valve: yes
Scope of application: indoor area
Self-discharge: max. 3% (per month / 25°C)
System voltage: 12V DC
Warranty: 2 years manufacturer's warranty
Weight: 74 kg
max. charging current: 50A Reviews with
Bis zu wie viel % kann die Batterie regelmäßig ohne großen Verlust der Lebenserwartung entladen werden?
Faustregel Blei-Säure Batterien (AGM, GEL): Maximal 50% nutzbare Batteriekapazität.
Beispiel: Eine 100Ah AGM Batterie hat eine nutzbare Kapazität von 50Ah.
Je kleiner davon der genutzte Anteil einer Batterie ausfällt, umso länger die Lebenserwartung.
Optimal ist es, die Batterie max. um 30% zu entleeren, entspricht am Beispiel 20-30Ah optimal nutzbare Kapazität.
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