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The Victron Orion 24/12-70 (MPN ORI241270020) DC DC converter provides constant DC-voltage and therefore ensures uninterrupted operation of your DC-consumers.
The 24/12 converts 24V DC into 12V DC with constant 70A (840W). Compared to smaller models out of this series it is possible to adjust the output voltage (10-15V).
Moreover the 24/12-70 can be used for trickle charge of your battery and supports parallel operation with identical devices to increase the output current.

Important details:

  • 24V DC operation voltage, adjustable output voltage 10-15V
  • supports parallel operation with identical devices - increases output current
  • can be used for trickle charge
  • remote control possible
  • temperature-controlled ventilation
  • wide input-voltage-range of 18V to 36V
  • 840W output at constant 70A
  • max. 70A output current
  • high efficiency of 92%
  • weight: 0.9kg

DC-DC converter out of the Orion-series provide a clean 12V output current and compensate possible conductor losses as well as fluctuations of the battery voltage.

Remote on-/off-connection on all high-performance models
Thanks to the remote on-/off-switch a high-current-switch on the input-cabling is not necessary. It can be controlled via a power-saving-switch or through the motor's run/stop-switch (see manual).

Adjustable output voltage allows battery charging
Thanks to the adjustable output voltage it is possible to charge a 12V battery through a 24V-system.

Parallel operation
Up to 5 units can be connected parallely.

Delivery scope:
1x Victron ORI241270020 Orion 24/12-70 DC DC Converter 24V to 12V 70A 840W

Victron_Orion_DC_DC_Konverter_Serie_Broschuere.pdf Download
Manufacturer: Victron Energy
Product Type: 70A DC DC voltage converter. Converts 24V DC voltage to 12V DC voltage. Reviews with
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