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With the on/off control unit, the Votronic MobilPOWER voltage transformers of the smi Sinus u¨series can be switched on and off automatically via the d+ connection of the alternator

By applying 12v or 24V battery voltage u¨ber main switch, timer, simple on/off switch, etc. to the On/Off terminal, the inverter can also be switched on and off

The control panel on the inverter can be omitted, since the unit is now switched on and off by the on/off control unit. If the control unit is still to be used as a display panel, it can be placed remotely from the device. The 5 m long control cable supplied with the inverter is available for this purpose


If the control input on the on/off control unit is supplied with voltage, the inverter starts its operation after a waiting time of 3 seconds. Identical to the switch-on process, the unit is also switched off with a time delay of approx. 3 seconds.In connection with the on/off control unit, the inverter always starts in continuous operation. The switch function on the control unit is restricted, i.e. switching the inverter off and on manually is no longer possible. However, in the event of a fault, the device can be reset via this switch and the inverter can be restarted via the on/off control unit. If the control voltage at the control input d+ of the on/off control unit is removed, the inverter switches off in any case

Scope of delivery:
1x Votronic 2065 Control Unit
Connection cable 30cm long

Manufacturer: Votronic
Product Type: Switch
Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 0,06 Kg Reviews with
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