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The votronic 5748 vpc Power Control Jupiter 200 belongs to an innovative series of combination panels that have been specially developed for installation in the motor home. It combines the functions of the models Merkur 5744 and Terra 5741 and also has a lot more to offer because he combines solar computer, battery computer and water management in just one device. The 200 is the second most powerful version of the new multi-panel series of votronic. from the variant 100 and 400 it differs only by the maximum battery current, which can be measured Jupiter panel and the supplied smart shunt + ground strap. from the FUnktionsumfang the three devices are identical.

currently, the Jupiter series is the measure of all things among the measuring and display devices in the motorhome sector. No other panel offers such a wide range of functions, measurement and display options. compared to the individual purchase of all included devices, Jupiter is also significantly cheaper.

integrated solar computer

The solar computer of the Jupiter combi panel is equivalent in performance and function to the solar computer s. The Solaranzeige is compatible with most votronic charge controllers and the Triple series. It shows, among other things, the current solar power in w, the current solar current in a , the charged solar capacity in ah and the charged solar energy in kWh. The Solar Computer gives a comprehensive picture of the current performance of your RV Solaranlage.

integrated battery computer incl. smart shunt and ground strap

En corresponds to the single device battery computer 200 S, which is also available as 100 and 400a version. The votronic battery computer provides a comprehensive impression of the condition of your starter and board battery and offers numerous functions.

Microprocessor-controlled, the following values are measured, calculated and displayed:

  • max. battery current: 200a
  • Battery voltage board battery 7 to 32 v (volt). internal measuring resolution 0.1 v
  • Allows conclusions to be drawn about the battery behavior under different loads and is used to check the function of e.g. the charger, solar system, alternator etc. flashing warning display in the event of overvoltage
  • Battery current (charge/discharge) +/- 0 to max. +/- 1800 a, internal measuring resolution 0.1 a
  • Control of discharge currents (load) by consumers, indicated by "-" sign Sign, control of charging currents, indicated by a "Charge" sign
  • Battery capacity (ah and %)
  • Remaining charge from 0 ah / 0% (empty) to nominal capacity max. 2000 ah / 100% (full)
  • Battery voltage 2nd battery (e.g. start battery), 7 to 32 v (volt), internal measuring resolution 0.1 v
  • Switching output freely programmable and scannable (pnp, plus potential 12v / 24v, max. 0,5a)
  • incl. residual running indication

integrated level indicator for water tanks

The third important highlight of the Jupiter 200 is the level indicator for the fresh and waste water tank. Together with the 16a switch for the fresh water pump, the water management can also be realized via the Jupiter combi panel.

other important features

  • Voltage display for the starter battery
  • Potential-free switching output for an external relay with freely programmable switching thresholds (% residual capacity) as deep discharge protection and as main switch
  • Indoor and outdoor thermometer incl. 1 indoor and 1 outdoor sensor
  • Clock in 24-hour format
  • Double USB charging socket (5 v/2.5 a)
  • Simple, intuitive operation

important technical data

  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • specially developed for use in motorhomes and caravans
  • compact, easy installation
  • low installation depth, low power consumption
  • for 12 v or 24 volt batteries
  • dimensions display: 200x65x30 mm
  • Installation dimensions: 185x57x24 mm
  • Weight without smart shunt: only 200g
  • high quality technology made in Germany

Scope of delivery:

1x votronic 5748 vpc Jupiter 200 Multi-Panel
1x user manual
1x temperature sensor for indoor
1x temperature sensor for outside
1x Smart-Messshunt for the connection of the battery computer
2x 5m connection cables (stereo cables)
1x ground strap 35mm for measuring shunt connection

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