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If auxiliary consumers are only to be switched on when the alternator is supplying current while the engine is running, or if the on-board battery is to be charged via an isolating relay by interconnecting the on-board and starter batteries, the d+ contact of the alternator is used to detect charging operation of an alternator. If this is not accessible or not available with newer alternators, the votronic d+ simulator generates this signal by monitoring the starter battery connected to the alternator.

Scope of functions

  • Switching output: Connection option for power relays with max. 1a holding current (+ switching, overload-proof and short-circuit-proof)
  • Switching delay approx. 4 seconds to avoid false triggering due to voltage dips
  • In case of oscillation tendency automatic extension of switch-off delay up to 90 seconds
  • Display at d+ "On" via led
  • Low power consumption

Possible applications

  • An intelligent voltage evaluation of the battery connected to the alternator detects the charging mode. This makes it possible to control a downstream battery disconnect relay to recharge the on-board battery while the engine is running.
  • Other possible applications include the control of additional consumers that should only be activated when the battery is sufficiently charged. For example, switching on an air-conditioning system while driving or switching on fans for interior ventilation
  • The continuously lit led (light-emitting diode) indicates that the control output has been switched on. Thus it is possible to monitor the recharging of the starter battery. By connecting the switching output to an indicator (12V lamp), the d+ simulator can also be used as a remote charging monitor

Scope of delivery:

Votronic d+ Simulator 3066 + operating manual

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