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Kemo m071n ultrasonic vermin scare is an ultrasonic generator that produces siren-like pulsating aggressive ultrasonic sounds, which many animals find extremely unpleasant and therefore largely avoided. The generator should be used to keep away rodents, insects, game, birds, etc. The frequency of the generator is adjustable between about 8-40 kHz. A special loudspeaker with a curved aluminum dome diaphragm for better sound distribution is built in. For commissioning is still a stabilized power supply 12 v/dc (< 60 mA) erforderlich (nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten). Wenn größere Räume (>30m²), then up to 4 additional loudspeakers Kemo l001 (built-in loudspeaker) or l002 (wall-mounted loudspeaker) can be connected.

Technical data

  • Operating voltage: 12 v/dc (10 - 13.8 v/dc)
  • Current consumption: approx. <60 mA
  • Adjustable frequency: approx. 8 - 40 kHz (± 15%)
  • Frequency deviation, approx. 2x per second: approx. 2-3 kHz (automatic frequency change, siren-like)
  • Sound pressure: max. 100 dB (± 15%)
  • Range: >40m with free field of view
  • Loudspeaker aperture angle: max. 140°
  • Possibility to connect additional piezo loudspeakers: max. 4 pieces possible
  • Function display: flashing LED
  • Connection: via cable
  • Dimensions: approx. 72 x 50 x 33 mm (without mounting straps)

Assembly instructions:

The device can be screwed to the wall in a dry place. Please note that ultrasonic sounds propagate in a very straight line. The generator should therefore be arranged so that the loudspeaker radiates as directly as possible onto the surface to be protected. Obstacles (e.g. cabinets, shelves) cast "shadows", the ultrasonic sound becomes much quieter behind these obstacles. So if you want to use it e.g. against mice, do not build the generator on the top of the room wall, but on the bottom of the baseboard. The frequency is adjusted with the regulator. The knob is adjusted by carefully turning the white arrow in the black knob with a small screwdriver. When the knob is turned to the left stop, the sound is about 8000 Hz and audible to humans. The further you turn to the right, the higher the tone becomes and then, from a certain point, it is no longer audible to humans. Depending on the species, the frequency to which these animals respond best varies and must be tried. To avoid a habituation effect, it is recommended not to operate the vermin scare continuously, but to switch it on via a timer at the active times of the vermin.

Scope of delivery:

1x Kemo 071n ultrasonic vermin scarecrow

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Manufacturer: Kemo Electonic
Weight: 0,1 kg
ean: 4024028030715
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