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The fsp-2 135w ultra mppt kit 12v is a combination of the foldable 135w fsp-2 solar panel and a latest generation smart mppt controller. The fsp-2 135w is one of the newest models in the family and also one of the most powerful foldable solar panels available. It has a 3-sided design and is delivered with a matching Connectino Kit with which you can quickly and easily establish a connection to the charge controller and the battery to be charged.
In terms of charging technology, we rely on the fsp-2 135w kit mppt on the high-quality Victron Smart-Solar 75/15 charge controller. A high quality device which can be conveniently controlled via Bluetooth and a free app and is also equipped with a 15a load output for DC consumers. The connection kit is housed in a lockable bag, directly on the module. So you always have a ready-to-use, small power plant at your side.

Performance that sets standards

The fsp-2 135w Ultra is equipped with American SPR back-contact cells from a well-known manufacturer. The look of the cells is completely black, which additionally gives the fsp-2 135w a very modern, high-quality look. The SPR cells ensure a high efficiency of the panel and, in combination with the low weight and compact dimensions of the fsp-2 panel, set new standards in this power class.

Extensive range of applications:

  • Excellent for use in camping applications
  • Or for expeditions, climbing tours, etc
  • For vehicles and boats without fixed solar installation
  • And numerous other applications in different areas

Technical highlights fsp-2 135w solar panel

  • Rated power: 135wp, number of sides: 3 x 45 Wp
  • Dimensions closed: 560 x 440 x 20 mm; open designed: 560 x 1545 x 6 mm
  • Weight module: 5.1 kg
  • equipped with high-end solar cells
  • Module voltage (Vmp): 19,8v - Max. Charge current (Imp): 6.82A
  • Open circuit voltage (Voc): 23.3v - Short circuit current (Isc): 7.22A
  • ETFE coating
  • SunPower high power cells
  • 6.0m 5mm² connection cable from fsp-2 to solar charge controller with Anderson connector on solar side
  • 0.5m 5mm² connection cable Anderson connector to wire end sleeve (for fixed screw connection to charge controller)
  • 1m battery connection cable solar charge controller to battery with pre-mounted tapping terminals on the battery side
  • Short-circuit-proof connection to the battery thanks to integrated flat fuse holder with 15a ato fuse

Including Victron SmartSolar mppt 75/15 charge controller

The Smartsolar 75/15 from Victron Energy (mpn scc075015060r) is a mppt solar charge controller with 15a max charge current for charging 12v and 24v batteries. Unlike the BlueSolar 75/15, the Smart version has built-in Bluetooth, eliminating the need to purchase a Bluetooth dongle. In addition, a VE.Direct connection is still available for communication with other Victron devices such as the Color Control gx or the mppt Control.

The integrated Bluetooth in the SmartSolar series is the wireless solution for setting up, monitoring and updating the controller using Apple and Android smartphones, tablets or other devices.

The most important technical features of the charge controller at a glance

  • 15a load output
  • high peak efficiency of 98
  • freely programmable battery charging algorithm (via the free Victron Connect app)
  • Light dimming functions programmable (via the free Victron Connect app)
  • Ultra fast maximum power point tracking
  • max. PV open circuit voltage: 75V
  • Charging algorithm: multi-stage, adaptive
  • integrated Bluetooth module
  • Dimensions: 100 x 113 x 40 mm
  • Weight: 0,5 kg

The included Profi-Connection Kit

The included connection kit provides everything needed to get the mobile solar set up and running quickly. Each fsp-2 has a 6.0m connection cable, which is equipped with a high-quality Anderson connector at the end. Matching to this, a second 0.5m connection cable is included, which is screwed directly to the solar input of the charge controller and is also equipped with an Anderson connector on the other side. This allows you to quickly connect or disconnect the controller at any time using the Anderson connectors without having to unscrew the cables from the charge controller.
For the connection of the charge controller to your battery, a 1 meter long plug & play connection cable is also included. This is screwed to the battery input of the controller and is equipped with universal alligator clips on the battery side, which are compatible and can be conveniently connected to all common battery terminals. In addition, the battery cable has a flat fuse holder with corresponding ato fuse.

Customizable upon request

All FSP-2 Ultra panels can be modified and delivered according to your specifications within a very short time. We can also flexibly adjust and adapt the cables to your needs. Just ask us! We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact customer service for any costs that may be incurred.

about the fsp-2 series

As with all Offgridtec solar module series, great emphasis has been placed on high quality and durability in the FSP series. The fsp-2 135w Ultra uses back-contacted solar cells like those used in our SP high performance series. These cells generate efficiencies of over 22% and are the best currently available on the market. In addition, the complete fsp-2 series is coated with an ETFE coating, which provides better protection and at the same time ensures a very high light transmission. Furthermore, we produce our solar modules according to current norms and standards which, together with the high-quality materials, makes our modules high-end products that deliver maximum technical performance even under the most adverse conditions.

Scope of delivery:

1x Offgridtec fsp-2 135w 12v, 3-01-010755
1x Victron Energy scc075015060r SmartSoalr mppt 75/15 15a 12v 24v solar charge controller
1x Offgridtec fsp-2 connection kit

Bedienungsanleitung FSP-2 Ultra.pdf Download
Garantiebestimmung_semi-flexible_Solarmodule_FPS.pdf Download
Victron_SCC075015060R_75-15-Smart_Bedienungsanleitung.pdf Download
Bedienungsanleitung FSP-2 Ultra.pdf Download
Ambient temperature: -20°C - +50°C
Cell efficiency: >22%
Generator output wp: 120 Wp
Manufacturer: Offgridtec
Module voltage (VMP): 19,8 V
Open circuit voltage (VOC): 23,3 V
Short circuit current (ISC): 7,22 A
Solar module - cable length: 4m
Solar module - cell type: SPR monocrystalline high performance cells (original Sunpower)
Solar module - plug type: Anderson connector
System voltage: 12 V
Temperature coefficiency: -0,45% / °C
Tolerance: +/- 3%
Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 5,2 Kg
max. current (IMP): 6,82 A
mpn: 010756 Reviews with
Ich habe keine Zweitbatterie, kann ich damit auch die Fahrzeugbatterie laden?
Ja, Sie können mit dem FSP-2 MPPT Kit auch Ihre Fahrzeugbatterie laden. Wichtig ist dabei die korrekten Ladeeinstellungen in der Victron Connect App einzustellen. Diese entnehmen Sie am besten dem Datenblatt Ihrer Batterie.
Ist die FSP-2 Serie auch ohne Connection-Kit erhältlich?
Das Connection-Kit ist standardmäßig enthalten und wird immer mitgeliefert. Bei Änderungswünschen können Sie sich gerne an [email protected] wenden.
Ist die FSP-2 Serie Regenfest bzw. für ein dauerhaftes Aufstellen im Freien geeignet?
Ja, die FSP-2 Serie ist Regenfest und verfügt über einen imprägnierten Stoff und hält einen Regenschauer problemlos stand. Wichtig ist dabei, dass keine Steckverbindung oder Laderegler nass werden können. Ein dauerhaftes Aufstellen wird jedoch nicht empfohlen, da bei durchgehender UV-Bestrahlung die Imprägnierung verloren geht. Hierzu empfehlen wir unsere ETFE-AL Serie, die auch bei Bedarf mobil genutzt werden kann.
Sind die Module Salzwasser resistent?
Durch die ETFE-Beschichtung (seit 10/19) ist die FSP-2 Serie gegen Salzwasser-Einfluss resistent. Ein dauerhaftes Aufstellen wird jedoch nicht empfohlen. Hierzu empfehlen wir unsere ETFE-AL Serie, die auch mobil genutzt werden kann.
Gibt es für die FSP-2 Serie auch Verlängerungsleitungen?
Ja. Wir bieten dazu eine 3m und 5m Verlängerung an. 5m Artikel-Nr.: 8-01-011261 3m Artikel-Nr.: 8-01-011260
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