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The Steca PRS3030 charge controller is perfectly suited for PV-systems to charge 12V or 24V lead batteries.

Protection functions:

  • overload
  • deep discharge
  • battery undervoltage
  • current reflow into the module

Protection from application errors:

  • short-circuit/reverse polarity at solar module
  • short-circuit at consumer output (excessive consumption)
  • reverse polarity at battery
  • overcurrent at solar module
  • overtemperature
  • overvoltage at consumer output
  • wrong connection order

The default battery type can only be adjusted with additional equipment (Steca PA PR100).
The PRS-series's default battery type is lead-acid (liquid).
If you want to use the controller to charge AGM or gel batteries please use the contact formular during your order
or contact our customer: [email protected] / +49 (0) 8721 98297-40

Zertifikat_PRS-3030.pdf Download
Bedienungsanleitung_PRS-3030.pdf Download
Ambient temperature: -25°C - +50°C
Charge controller type: PWM
Charging current (A): 30A
Charging voltage: 13,9V (27,8V)
Charging voltage in the boat: 14,4V (28,8V)
Connection terminal: 16mm² / 25mm² - AWG 6 / 4 (fine- / single wired)
Deep discharge protection: 11,2V-11,6V (22,4V-23,2V)
Dimensions: 187mm x 96mm x 44mm
Equalisation charge: 14,7V (29,4V)
Idle clamping modules: < 47 V
Manufacturer: Steca
Own consumption under load: < 4mA
Product Type: Charge controller
Protection type: IP32
Reclosing voltage: 12,4V - 12,7V (24,8V-25,4V)
Scope of application: indoor area
Weight: ca. 350 g
max. load current: 30A Reviews with
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