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The Victron MPPT Control (MPN SCC900500000) is a solar computer / remote panel that enables you to cofigure and analyze every BlueSolar MPPT charge controller (except the 75/15) with integrated VE.Direct-port.
This panel makes configuration and monitoring of your charge controller and its performance parameters more comfortable and easier.

Extensive display and control options
The MPPT Control provides a wide range of data and values that allow the user a deep look into the charge controller's operation performance. It is not only possible to see the current data but also historical ones which are saved for 30 days in the device's internal storage.

Besides current and historical performance data this panel offers even more: the internal storage also holds information about the length of single charging modes like "bulk", "absorption" and "float". This is unique in this price class!

Displayed values in Live-Status mode

  • solar module performance in W
  • solar module voltage in V
  • daily output in kWh
  • current charging mode: (OFF, FAULT, BULK, ASORPTION and FLOAT)
  • charging-and discharging current of the battery
  • errors (only when errors occur)
  • battery voltage
  • consumer output status ON/OFF (only on BlueSolar MPPTs with consumer output)
  • consumption on consumer output (only on BlueSolar MPPTs with consumer output)

Historical data (30 days)

  • total output in kWh
  • max. module voltage
  • max. battery voltage
  • min. battery voltage
  • last errors

Displayed values in 24h-mode

  • daily time exposure for bulk mode
  • daily time exposure for absorption mode
  • daily time exposure for float mode
  • min. battery voltage 24h
  • max. battery voltage 24h
  • max. solar voltage 24h
  • last error

Equipment needed
To connect the MPPT Control to your BlueSolar MPPT you need a VE.Direct connection cable - of course also available in our shop.

Different ways of installation for the MPPT Control
With help of the included mounting frame the MPPT Control can be installed directly into a control panel or terminal box. Optionally there is also an according wall-mounting bracket.
No matter which of these options you chose a professional high-quality look is guaranteed.

Delivery scope:
1x Victron SCC900500000 MPPT Control

Victron_MPPT-Control_Handbuch.pdf Download
Victron_MPPT-Control_Manual.pdf Download
Manufacturer: Victron Energy
Product Type: Charge controller accessories
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