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The Victron MPPT 75/15 (MPN SCC010015050R) is part of the BlueSolar MPPT charge controller familiy and provides ultra-fast powertracking which extends your solar system's output.

Next generation MPP-tracker
Especially on clouded days with changing light intensity a MPPT controler increases your system output by up to 30% compared to PWM charge controllers. Moreover the 75/15 comes with further innovative technologies.

Programming, real-time data and logging
Latest Apple and Android devices (smartphones, tablets,...) can be connected via VE.Direct over Bluetooth Smart Dongles and the MPPT App or via the GX Color control.
Please note that the Bluetooth Smart dongle and the GX Color Control are not included in the delivery scope but available separately.

Important features:

  • Ultra-fast MPP-tracker ensures highest possible outcome even when it is cloudy
  • Integrated VE.Direct data port for connecting devices like the Bluetooth Smart Dongle or the GX Color Control panel
  • Suitable for 12V and 24V systems
  • Rated charging amperage: 15A
  • 200W max. PV-performance at 12V and 400W at 24V
  • 15A consumer output with auto-shutdown at imminent battery undervoltage (deep discharge protection)
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Multistep adaptive charging algorithm
  • Battery charging algorithm programmable
  • Integrated battery life algorithm extends battery life when activated and all consumers are connected to the consumer output
  • Day/night-time control and dimming options

VE.Direct data port integrated
VE.Direct transfers important parameters to all devices connected to the charge controller and allows communication to equipment such as the Bluetooth Smart Dongle or the GX Color Control. The VE.Direct data port is meant for products where a full canbus integration would produce extreme costs. Please check our Victron brand section for more information about VE.Direct.

Integrated battery life algorithm extends battery life
If the charge controller can't manage to fully charge the battery within a day the battery status switches constantly between "partly charged" and "end of discharge". This operation mode (no regular charging) is ideal for small lead batteries, for lead-acid batteries otherwise irregular charging and discharging can cause severe damage already after several months.
The battery life algorithm checks the battery's charging level and heightens the switch-off threshold from day to day. That means that connected consumers are switched off earlier until the produced energy is sufficient for a full battery charge of 100%. From this point on the threshold is modulated in a way that a full charge can be reached once a week.

Delivery Scope:
1x Victron SCC010015050R BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 12V 24V 15A charge controller
1x Manual

Victron_BlueSolar_MPPT-75-100_IEC-62109_Certificate.pdf Download
Victron_BlueSolar_SmartSolar_Overview.pdf Download
Victron_BlueSolar_MPPT-75-100_Handbuch.pdf Download
Victron_BlueSolar_MPPT-75-100_Manual.pdf Download
Victron_BlueSolar_MPPT-75-100_Datasheet.pdf Download
Victron_BlueSolar_MPPT-75-100_Suitability-Certificate.pdf Download
Victron_BlueSolar_ESS_Design-Installation-Manual.pdf Download
Victron_BlueSolar_SmartSolar_Uebersicht.pdf Download
Victron_BlueSolar_MPPT-75-100_ECE-R10-5_Certificate.pdf Download
Victron_BlueSolar_MPPT-75-100_Datenblatt.pdf Download
Victron_BlueSolar_ESS_Design-Installationshandbuch.pdf Download
Ambient temperature: -30°C - +60°C
Battery type adjustable: GEL, AGM, liquid lead acid, LifePo4, OPzS batteries
Charge controller type: MPPT
Connection options: MPPT Control Solar Computer , Color Control System Control Panel, Bluethooth Smart Dongle, VE.Direct to USB cable for computer control etc....
Manufacturer: Victron Energy
Number of charging outputs: 1
Own consumption in standby: 10mA
Protection type: IP43 (electronic components) IP22 (connection area)
Protective functions: from battery polarity reversal, output short circuit, overtemperature
Solar module current (max.): 15A
Solar module voltage (max.): 75V
max. charging current: 15A
Product Type: Charge controller
Weight: 0,47 kg Reviews with
Funktioniert dieser Victron Laderegler mit dem Solarpanel SPR-150 (44 Volt Modulspannung)?
Das SPR-150 44V High end liefert bis zu 51 Volt.
Der Victron 75/15 kann bis zu 75 Volt Solar verarbeiten .
Sie können also 1 SPR-150 an diesem Regler anschließen.
Ist der Victron Energy SmartSolar 75/15 für zwei Stück der SPR-150W Module geeignet?
Für ein 24V-System ist der SmartSolar 75/15 ausreichend.
Bei einem 12V-System wäre der 75/15 überlastet und es sollte der SmartSolar 100/20 oder 100/30 ausgewählt werden.
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