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The balcony power plant complete systems from Offgridtec (MPN 014530) are an ideal way to produce part of your required household electricity yourself and significantly reduce your total expenditure on electricity. In addition to a solar module and matching micro-inverter, the systems contain everything needed for connection to the household power grid and, if required, for mounting on the balcony railing or roof. The set is designed for mounting the modules side by side. For individual installation options of the modules, our support team is available to provide advice and assistance.

How does a balcony power plant work?

The Offgridtec balcony power plant is a compact solar power system. It consists of a solar module and the matching Hoymiles micro inverter for feeding into the household power grid. The inverter is ideally attached directly to the substructure of the solar module and connected to the solar module with the solar connector. The AC cable is connected via the Betteri connector of the inverter and led directly to the appropriate socket. Here you have the choice between connecting to the usual Schuko socket or to a Wieland feed-in socket, which is included in the scope of delivery if selected.
No special settings are required to use the generated solar power in the house power grid. If electricity is already available from local sources, the appliances in the household use this first and then supplement with mains electricity if required.

The balcony power plant complete system contains:

Luxen 410W LUXPOWER SERIES 5 (Full Black) - Efficiency of 21%.

The Luxpower 410W Full Black Series 5 solar module from Luxen Solar is a monocrystalline and modern module with gallium-doped technology and 108 half-cell layout. Thanks to the multi-busbar technology, three integrated by-pass diodes and the two-part arrangement of the cell strings, this solar panel offers high hot-spot resistance in solo operation and a solid current yield in strings with many modules, even in poor light and partial shading. The noble full-black design makes it a good choice when it comes to finding a solar cell for rooftop installations on residential buildings or for balcony power plants and many other applications.


  • Gallium-doped technology
  • Reduced hot-spot temperature
  • Multi-busbar technology
  • 3 bypass diodes
  • PID resistance (Excellent anti-PID performance guarantee thanks to optimised mass
  • production processes and material control)
  • Improved low light performance
  • Improved mechanical resistance to external influences
  • High efficiency of 21%
  • Manufacturer product warranty: 25 years

Gallium-doped technology

Gallium doping is a method to prevent light-induced degradation (LID). The wounding of this technology definitely leads to a better performance of solar cells and PV modules, as well as to an improvement in their long-term performance and reliability.

Reduced hot spot temperature

Another advantage of half-cut manufacturing By halving the electrical current of both the cells and the cell strings, the hot-spot temperature can be reduced by 50 %, which increases the reliability of the PV module.

25% reduced thermal power loss

Since the halved cells have only half the working current, the thermal power loss of the PV module during operation can be significantly reduced by 25% and the operating temperature of the PV module is also lower, which improves the reliability of the PV module and increases the overall performance.

Multi-busbar technology

Busbars are located on every PV module. These are busbars that are permanently printed on each solar cell. They receive the generated direct current and lead it to the busbars. By using more busbars, Luxen Solar reduces shading, shortens transport distances and reduces resistance in the modules.

Technical data

  • Power (Pmax): 410 Wp
  • Voltage (Vmp): 31.83 V
  • Max. Current (Imp): 12.88 A
  • Open-circuit voltage (Voc): 37.98 V
  • Short-circuit current (Isc): 13.77 A
  • Module efficiency: 21
  • Operating temperature: -40°C - +85°C
  • Max. System voltage: 1500 VDC (IEC)
  • Cell type: Half-Cut - Monocrystalline
  • Number of cells: 108 (6x18)
  • Weight: 21 kg
  • Dimensions: 1722 x 1134 x 30 mm
  • Protection class junction box: IP68
  • Module colour: black

Hoymiles HM-600 Microinverter Module Inverter

The HM-600 from Hoymiles is the perfect microinverter for your balcony power plant and is suitable for solar power production with a solar panel up to 500 Watt peak. Just like all other micro inverters from Hoymiles, it is suitable for long operating hours and wide PV panel application, as its start-up is very low (only 22V) and the DC input range of the operating voltage (16-60V) is extremely wide. The Hoymiles microinverter converts the solar power generated by your photovoltaic system, AC grid compliant, and feeds it directly into the utility grid. Each Hoymiles microinverter is connected individually to a PV module of your system. This unique configuration means that each PV module is controlled by an individual maximum peak power point tracker (MPPT). This ensures that the maximum available power from each individual module is fed into the utility grid, regardless of the power of the other PV modules in the installation. So if individual PV modules in the array are affected by shading, soiling, alignment or mismatch, the HM-600 still ensures peak power for its associated PV module. The result is the maximum possible energy production from your PV system.

  • Recommended module power: up to 380W
  • Maximum input voltage: 60V
  • Maximum input current: 2*11.5A
  • Rated output power: 600VA
  • Battery voltage range: 16~60V
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 250 x 170 x 28 mm
  • Weight: 3kg (including 2.06m AC cable)

Connection set

For the connection cable, you have the option of choosing between the connection for a normal Schuko socket or a Wieland feed socket. If you choose this option, the complete system includes an AC extension cable (selectable length) with a Betteri BC01 plug, suitable for the HM-600 inverter, at one end and an angled Schuko plug at the other end of the cable. This enables fast and uncomplicated connection to the Schuko sockets (plug type F) commonly used in Germany.

If the Wieland version is selected, the AC cable has an angled Wieland RST20I3S plug at the end of the cable for installation in accordance with the currently applicable technical regulations (e.g. VDE standard AR-N-4105). The matching feed-in socket is then included in the scope of delivery. With the Wieland plug, the pins are not completely exposed, as with the Schuko plug, which minimises the risk of arcing between pin and socket and thus overheating and fire hazard.

Optional mounting systems

The Offgridtec balcony power plants are optionally available with or without mounting sets. There is a choice of mounting sets for:

  • Balcony railing: with matching C-hooks
  • Flat roof: angle of inclination 10° - 60°.
  • Plain tile roof: with plain tile roof hooks
  • Tiled roof: with 3-way adjustable roof hooks
  • Corrugated hernite and sheet metal roof: with stainless steel hanger bolts

Balcony power plants in Germany

Currently, there is no law or regulation in Germany that governs the generation of solar power for purely personal use. The limit value of maximum 600W AC PV power is a reserve value that can be fed into an existing socket circuit of a house without overloading it, according to the current VDE standard. Nothing is described for stand-alone circuits without additional load.
Every electrical installation should be VDE-compliant. However, the operation of a balcony power plant via the usual Schuko socket is not prohibited in principle. Notification to the Federal Network Agency is mandatory. However, there are no known cases of administrative fines for non-registration of balcony power plants, nor insurmountable problems with grid operators. Compliance with and implementation of standards and obligations is the responsibility of the plant operator. A great deal of technical and legal information on this can already be found on relevant websites.

Do you have further questions about balcony power plants and how they work? Contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Hoymiles_HM-600 _HM-700_HM-800_Bedienungsanleitung.pdf Download
Unit Certificate - HM-Serie - EN.pdf Download
Datasheet - HM-600-700-800 - EN.pdf Download
CE-Certificate - HM-Series - EN.pdf Download
Conformity - HM Serie - EN.pdf Download
Datasheet_3-01-016425_EN.pdf Download
Hoymiles_HM-600_HM-700_HM-800_Datenblatt.pdf Download
Cell efficiency: 21%
Manufacturer: Offgridtec
Max. System voltage: 1500 DC (IEC)
Module voltage (VMP): 31,83 V
Open circuit voltage (VOC): 37,98 V
Operating temperature range: -40°C - +85°C
Product Type: Balcony power station
Short circuit current (ISC): 13,77 A
max. current (IMP): 12,88 A Reviews with
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